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"The Legend of Dudleytown"

by Rev. Gary P. Dudley

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Additionally, anyone caught using the Photo's, drawings, maps, and any information contained herein without my permission WILL be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Email me for permission. Be aware that all 50 states have ruled on the legality of the above statement.

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I will not mislead you.... This is not your normal Dudleytown site. You may not agree with what is inside, and that is your decision. But do NOT pass it off without studying the information. Decide for yourself. Do not just believe what I have stated inside. I offer FACTS---and then back it up with documents. No other site does this--none. As my favorite TV show says:

The truth IS out there!

And it begins NOW.........................

Foreword to the Site

Dudleytown is the one of the most famous Paranormal sites in America. It's "story" has been written in at least four books, and articles in magazines number close to 100. Some have said it bears uncanny resemblance to 3 movies, and has attracted a few TV crews, Radio DJ's, and actors to visit its abandoned place in Cornwall, Ct. Chances are, you are here because you know of the story, or someone has told you of it.

The "Legend of Dudleytown" is also the most misunderstood, embellished, and lied about story in Paranormal History. The misunderstandings have led thousands to invade the PRIVATELY OWNED AREA, and the little New England town of Cornwall. The actions of some of these invaders became so bad that in August of 1999, the Dark Entry Forest Association--who owns the property--have closed it, and are currently having the Ct. State Police arrest anyone caught trespassing.

What you will find inside

Should you decide to go on, what you will find first is the original legend of the town. It is the story most often heard about Dudleytown, slightly modified to include most of the differences encountered in its various retellings. Then comes the facts. In preparation for the book, I have done over eight years of extensive research using history, town records, obituaries, Church records, death notices, and other sources to find out what really happened. I have also spoken to actual descendants of the Dudleytown and Cornwall Residents. Before you ask--yes, I have been there.

Additionally, you will find photo's and reproductions of the actual area, and documents to show you the truth. No other site on the Internet, and NO book has ever shown most of what you will now see. Also, there are biographies of various Dudleytown Personalities, opinions as to why this legend started, and other little goodies that should interest anyone who has heard of this Legend.

One thing you will not find--and don't ask for one---is a map to get there. Due to its closing, and my respect for historical areas, I will NOT put one up here. Nor will I email one to you.

I can honestly state that over 90% of what's inside has never been seen before--and the sad part is that it was so easy to find. Sadder still, many of the "experts" in the Paranormal Field, which I do believe in, disregarded the truth for their own sakes (read: for a buck), and now a very beautiful place is closed.

For the last time, let me state: THIS IS NOT YOUR "NORMAL" DUDLEYTOWN SITE. And just so you do not misunderstand me, allow me to tell you that while I DO believe in many aspects of the Paranormal, I categorically do NOT believe Dudleytown to be haunted---and it never has been. You will find out why inside.


UPDATE DUDLEYTOWN. Due to continued trespassing, and due to continued postings of directions and refusals of irresponsible people to REMOVE the directions, Dudleytown will remain closed indefinately. Thats it folks........indefinately. Thanks to all you people, including the Warrens, and others, who irresponsibly POST directions to Dudleytown, and then say "But we WARN people..." Yes, BUT WHY GIVE THE DIRECTIONS.....idiots! Now none of us can go. Thanks a lot.

Look at the fool in my guest book. He BRAGS about going and STEALING things. Need I tell you that its people like him that has cost us all? And yet, despite the fact that I refuse to give directions, I will still get 5 mails this month asking. Ask all you want. I will not respond. NO, the Mohawk trail does NOT cut through the area--it use to, not any more....quit asking. Quit acting like immature teenagers and grow up. It is not cool to trespass and ruin it for other people. Leave it alone. Maybe someday.....maybe. But now, not for a very long time. Thanks. What can you do. Get mad, get VERY mad at the idiots who post the directions. TELL THEM.

UPDATE on the DUDLEYTOWN MOVIE!! Both Dudleytown movies are dead (no pun intended). The reason, in both cases, is (officially) lack of funds. Unofficially....well, there ARE rumors:

1) Good News Holding, the company producing the major DUDLEYTOWN movie, the one with the accompanying books, seemed to have had a falling out with Anne Rice. They had the rights to her Christ the Lord book, and were to make it into a movie. Something happened, and Good News Holding released the rights to another company. Here's the mystery of that: promotion of Christ the Lord, Dudleytown, the books, the Good and Bloody website, AND all updating on the Good News Holding website all stopped THE SAME TIME. (within one month of each other) In addition, Good News Holdings's publicist quit. What happened?

2) Good News Holding just plain ran out of money. Ok, but then why, if you do a Google on them, are they giving money away to (it seems) just about everyone that needs it?

3) Red Barn Films, the "company" doing "Dudleytown, the 49th key" (or is it the 46th key?) seems to have just plain run out of money.....period.

By the way, it should be pointed out that the head of Good News Holdings film division, and the head of Red Barn Films, are David and Douglas Kirkpatrick......brothers. I am not making this up.

Also, if any of you read Christian fiction, did you notice how the plot of Good News Holdings Dudleytown movie had eerie similarities to the plot lines of a certain Frank Peretti? hmmmmmmm The rest of you should visit and look him up, and read the plot synopsis. It makes for VERY interesting reading. Should anyone from Good News Holding visit here, well, YOU SHOULD TO, and see what your "inklings" have been up to!

I am honestly getting tired of answering email that asks questions that are answered ON THIS SITE. Let me RESTATE a few things:

  1. DUDLEYTOWN is CLOSED. It is NOT LEGAL to go there--ANYWHERE within the 750 acres of Dudleytown is OFF LIMITS.
  2. NO! I do not know of any other way into it.
  3. NO! I do not know when it will open.
  4. NO! I will not email you my "secret" map....or any map!
  5. YES! the address to the DEF is one this site, however,
  6. NO! They will not grant any permits, passes, or anything else to anybody (including me) for at least ONE YEAR--and that's IF they catch NO MORE trespassers.

The sad thing about the above is that they are still getting about a visit a month there, and then the people email me and BRAG ABOUT IT! Common folks! GROW UP. I want to go back also, and so do many. YOU ARE RUINING IT FOR US. Stop, for God's sake!

NOW--listen (well, read) carefully....I WILL NOT RETURN EMAIL ASKING ME ANY of the above questions. Period. Most answers are on this site.....READ IT!!!

The BOOK is still available through me or Thanks so much to all of you whom bought the book, and continue to show interest! Who knows? I may be able to break even for the cost of the research!!! Honestly, you do NOT make any money writing a book! (unless, of course, you are Stephen King!) By the way, it sold out in Kent---the town just south of Cornwall.

God bless us all! Pray for peace in our time.

Rev. Fr. Gary P. Dudley, B.S., M.A.

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